Each Wednesday
Fandango Movie Ticket and UCF Theatre ticket
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July Week-Long Drive (Jul 23-27)
Warped Tour Tickets
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Pegasus Palooza Blood Drive (Aug 22)
Visit our table in Pegasus Ballroom, 10-2, for special prizes!
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August Week-Long Drive (Aug 27-31)
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9/11 Blood Drive (held on 9/12)
Never Forget flag pin (Corporation for National & Community Service)
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September Week-Long Drive (Sep 24-28)
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Diversity Week Blood Drive (Oct 22-26)
Vote for your favorite diverse faculty & staff association!
* 2017 winner: Latino Faculty & Staff Association
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Battle of the Branches (Nov 12-16)
Vote for your favorite military branch!
* 2017 winner: Army
UCF Blood Donor Sticker

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Blood Drive Calendar

UCF Blood Drives

The giving spirit of our Knight family shines in many ways.  Regular blood drives at UCF collect an average of 40 units each from students, faculty, and staff. Our World Blood Donor Day blood drives are an opportunity to join the international voice of gratitude to donors and support for recipients.

UCF is one of the most impactful donor bases in our region because of the generosity and commitment to community that are such an important part of our Knight culture. Thank you, UCF!

Your donation makes a difference! Every donation (one pint) can save three lives, and every two seconds someone needs blood.  The only source is voluntary blood donors like you.  If all donors gave three times per year, blood shortages would be rare (the current average for regular blood donors is about two per year). Only 39% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood, and only 5-10% donate regularly.

The need is constant and crucial every day. A blood shortage occurs anytime donations fall enough to strain the buffer that blood centers maintain in order to keep hospitals supplied. The blood center is responsible for making sure hospitals have adequate blood supplies at all times, especially in tragedies. We all have a responsibility to make sure we have enough blood at all times. A single car accident victim could need 50 or more units of blood in order to survive – your blood donation gives someone the gift of another sunrise, another hug, another chance.

For more information about blood drives at UCF, contact or call 407.823.3094.

“Donating blood is the most personal way any individual can serve their community and fellow human beings. Your blood donation truly changes lives.” – Chief Richard Beary, Associate Vice President for Safety and Security and Chief of Police

“Blood is ‘the gift of life’ that everyone can give.  There are times when blood is the only thing that can save a life.  It is then that this simple act is the only thing that matters.” – Dr. Deborah German, Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the UCF College of Medicine