Special blood drives and incentives are highlighted on this page.  You can also join our regular blood drives every Wednesday at the Veteran’s Commemorative Site on Memory Mall.  The bloodmobile also comes for one week every month – watch our calendar for dates!

Join us in celebration of UCF’s 25th annual Diversity Week!  Find events throughout the week by visiting http://diversity.ucf.edu.  And don’t forget to donate blood with us in support of your favorite Faculty and Staff organization.




October 23 – 28, 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Veterans Commemorative Site

Get your Homecoming Blood Donor shirt!

UCF Blood Drives hosts blood drives every Wednesday at the Veteran’s Commemorative Site at Memory Mall where OneBlood gives movie tickets to donors.

There is also a solid week every month where NEW incentives will be given away, including the Just One More Tervis for blood donors, and more!

The Fall Semester full-week blood drives are

  • August 21 – 25
  • September 18-22
  • October 9 – 13 (with UCF Homecoming Blood Donor shirts!)
  • November 13-17

Join us on October 27th at the UCF Benefits Fair for an employee blood drive challenge!

Blood Drive Results


  • Whole Blood: 140 units

Hurricane Response Blood Drives
September 18-22

UCF Blood Drives, in partnership with OneBlood, worked to answer the call to replenish our blood supply.  OneBlood’s donation infrastructure was severely disrupted by Hurricane Irma, a challenge compounded by intense need for blood supply support in our local region as well as in other areas impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

If you couldn’t attend the blood drive, please remember that this need continues not only until we recover from these tragedies but indefinitely – as we always need donors to ensure that blood supply is available should a disaster strike.  Pleaseconsider joining us for an upcoming blood drive.


Blood Drive Results


  • Whole Blood: 185
  • Double Red Cells (Alyx): 22
  • Platelets: 10
  • Total procedures: 217

View our gratitude page for recognition of volunteers and the results of the university challenge!

UCF Remembers Blood Drive
June 8, 2017

UCF Blood Drives, in partnership with OneBlood, the College of Health and Public Affairs, and many other group and department supporters, hosted a 12 bus blood drive on June 3rd.  At this time of remembrance, as we did after the tragedy a year ago, we wanted to empower our campus community to join together and save lives as we remember those impacted by the Pulse tragedy.  Turning our sorrow into positive action, we can uplift those still grieving, provide hope, and demonstrate our commitment to our community.

Thank you to our 217 blood donors, volunteers, departments and organizations that supported the event for helping UCF save lives.

If you couldn’t attend the blood drive on June 3rd, consider joining us for an upcoming blood drive.


Expert Panel: FDA Regulations on Gay Male Blood Donation
October 18, 2016

Diversity Week is a university tradition – a week of celebration and activities to elevate campus awareness about inclusion and explore a topics across a broad range of human identity, experience, and interaction.  After the Pulse tragedy, many were unable to donate blood in support of their own identity community – an empowerment that gave comfort to others.  UCF Blood Drives intentionally planned a Diversity Week event to address questions about blood donation deferrals for MSM (men who have had sex with men).  Moderated by German Beard, UCF Alumnus, the panel included: Fausto Cardenas, a UCF student impacted by being unable to donate after Pulse; Dr. Nyla Dil, Assistant Professor of Immunology and Medical Microbiology at the UCF College of Medicine; Susan Forbes, Vice President for Marketing and Communications for OneBlood, Dr. German Leparc, Senior Medical Consultant for OneBlood; and Blake Lynch, UCF Alumnus and Founder and Director of Banned4Life.

We were  enjoyed learning about the scientific predication for the FDA regulations as well as current research that informed the 2015 regulation changes. We heard how the deferral change from life to one year has not opened the door to gay male blood donorship, but left the event hopeful that further research might allow more donors to join in the effort to ensure adequate blood supply.

Pulse Response Blood Drives
June 13 – June 26, 2016

UCF Blood Drives, in partnership with OneBlood, hosted 10 blood drives in direct response to the Pulse tragedy, empowering our campus to support our community and collecting a total of 424 units. The June 27th drive included 13 bloodmobiles and resulted 214 units and 74 bone marrow donor registrations.  The drives were supported by 55 volunteers; 12 student organizations, clubs, and teams; and 20 campus partners.

Click here for photos


Caesar Ricci (left) and Connor Deering (right) preparing to start. They will each hold a handful of red ice, whosever melts first will be the Good Blood

Performance Art for Blood Donation Awareness
March 3, 2016

By Laura Castro

In partnership with UCF Blood Drives and the UCF Art Gallery, Caesar Ricci and Connor Deering enacted a performance art piece to raise awareness about blood donation while hosting a blood drive.

The performance was an interpretation of Lygia Pape’s “Good Blood”. Lygia Pape was an artist who participated in the Concrete and Neo-Concrete movements in the mid-to-late 20th century.

The artists held the red ice for hours, and as day turned into dusk, the race for the Good Blood was won by Ceasar Ricci.

Performance Artists: Ceasar Ricci and Connor Deering

Additional project organizers: Blanche Letakis, Will Harding, and Laura Castro.

Special thanks to Tee Rogers.


Join the planning committee or volunteer at the blood drive tent for Diversity Week.
To sign up, please contact blooddrives@ucf.edu or call 407-823-3094.


Make an Appointment For other UCF Blood Drives

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Donor Information

Eat iron-rich foods a few days leading up to your donation.  Prior to donating drink plenty of water and eat a light healthy meal.

Bring your state ID to your appointment and a list of any medications you are taking.

Donation times will vary, but the process (not including registration) should take 10-15 minutes for whole blood and up to 2 hours for platelets.


Thank you to everyone who has donated blood, volunteered, and provided resources.  Please visit our sponsor and volunteer recognition page.

OneBlood video from our major Pulse Response Blood Drive on June 28, 2016

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