University Policies and Procedures


Division Policy contact:, 407-823-2351

To acquire an Editable Version of a Published Policy:, 407-823-6263

For more information on policy development, see the General Process for University Policy Development


Maintenance of Published Policies

Annual Reviews

Responsible Authorities review their policies annually for content and link accuracy. A statement of review is due to the division policy manager at the end of the fiscal year. On the first week in July, the division policy manager will submit a confirmation of annual reviews to the vice president and the office of Ethics, Compliance, and Risk.

Annual reviews do not need to go before the policy committee unless there are changes to the policy.

Five-Year Reviews

Every five years the initiating authority must provide an updated version of the policy to the president for policy committee review, which will include presidential signature and an updated posting to the president’s policy website.

The responsible authority conducts the review in accordance with the general policy development process and submits the revised document to the division policy manager.

Off-Cycle Reviews

The responsible authority initiates policy updates when needed. Reasons for updates may include changes to university processes; changes to laws or regulations; and addition of resources, links, or contacts.

For simple updates to URLs (no other changes but the location of a document, page, form, or other resource), send the policy number and name and the updated URL in an email to the division policy manager. No additional action is needed.

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