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Who We Are


The mission of the Administrative & Finance division is to provide exceptional administrative and financial services, innovative business solutions, and a safe and effective campus environment to support UCF’s goal to be among the most impactful universities in the country.  Our services include accounting operations and financial reporting; budget analysis, development and planning; capital planning; facilities and business operations; human resources; procurement; public safety, treasury management, and UCF records management.

Vision & Goals

A team of diverse, highly motivated professionals committed to fostering partnerships and delivering exceptional administrative and financial services and innovative business solutions with an emphasis on integrity and quality.

Our goals center around our shared commitment to the A&F Ideals:


Innovative business and technological processes and services

Continuously implement sound and practical technological and business process enhancements and solutions to optimize use of existing resources; increase operational efficiency and effectiveness; and meet the evolving needs of our community.


Data access and transparency to support decision-making and planning

Provide reliable and easily accessible financial, productivity, and other data to support strategic decision-making and planning; build organizational trust and loyalty; improve employee experiences; sustain a campus-wide culture of accountability; and promote continuous engagement, experimentation, and learning.


Exceptional customer service and accountability

Deliver exceptional customer service by embodying the three p’s of customer service: professionalism, patience, and a people-first attitude. This involves attentively listening; practicing empathy and kindness in all situations; providing timely responses; offering proactive recommendations; and building and maintaining partnerships with coworkers and campus stakeholders to understand their needs and integrate their feedback.


Alignment with university’s vision and strategic planning

“Align division goals with the university’s strategic plan to allocate resources properly and establish best practices throughout the division; effectively prioritize tasks and remove conflicting priorities; and increase employee engagement and buy-in in the process of shaping the organization’s future.”


Learning and engagement programs to empower employees and support development and retention

“Create a path for employee career progression, excellence, and success by delivering and maintaining business training programs to help learners gain practical knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance performance, and help the university increase overall productivity.”


Safe and secure campus environments

Implement and maintain high-impact initiatives, measures, and programs to raise employee awareness about campus facilities and safety; positively reinforce facilities and safety standards and policies; proactively identify and respond to potential hazards; and protect the campus and surrounding areas and the people who live, work, and visit it.