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Records Management at UCF

About Records Management

As a public agency of the  State of Florida, UCF is required to designate a records management liaison officer (RMLO), and to establish and maintain a a program for the management, retention and disposition of university public records in compliance with federal and state regulations. In accordance with UCF Records Management Policy number 2-003, this applies to all university and direct support organizations, colleges, departments, units, employees, and volunteers and to vendors, contractors, and consultants to the extent that they meet the definition of contractor under the Florida Statutes section 119.0701.

This website serves as a comprehensive, one-stop resource for UCF’s records custodians regarding university  current procedures for the appropriate storage, maintenance, and disposition of public records. A records custodian is any employee who has supervision and control over a public record or who has a legal responsibility for the care, keeping, or guardianship of the record.

Public records are all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, films, sound recordings, data processing software, or other material, regardless of form (electronic or physical), characteristics, or means of transmission, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by the agency according to Florida Statute, section 119.011(12).  

We invite you to peruse these website pages for important records retention information and training resources, and to contact UCF’s RMLO for assistance. We are here to help!