Mass Emails & Communications

Before submitting a mass email request, please consider other types of communications to deliver your message (below) to the appropriate audience. Jump to the mass email request form here.

You need to get the word out to the campus community – so you should consider all of your options and make a plan. Building a marketing plan for your message means determining the audience you want to reach and the most effective means of reaching that audience. There are many options for outreach to our campus community.

We are here to help!  If you would like assistance building a marketing plan for your event, program, or announcement, please contact or 407-823-2351.

Mass (Broadcast) emails are targeted to the campus, but reach only a small portion and may not be the most effective method of accomplishing your goal. Mass emails are limited to essential notices impacting every recipient and must comply with University policy 4-006.

We recommend you review the below options and keep an internal list of potentially relevant methods of distributing information that you regularly communicate. Please ensure that any requests to distribute information are intentional and targeted to a relevant audience (meaning that each member of the distribution group needs this information).


Useful Links

Hosting an event?  You may need a SAFE form.

Faculty, staff, students, and departments/units planning events are required to review the SAFE form requirements and fill one out if applicable. Some parameters include more than 400 attendees, any alcohol served, or any event that includes potential for participants or property to sustain harm.

A&F Division-wide Outreach

  • Announcements at monthly A&F staff meetings
  • Email to A&F Associate/Assistant VPs and Directors
  • Email to key staff (those invited to the staff meetings). Requests should be sent to
  • Some departments may have newsletters, bulletin boards for flyers, department event calendars, or other means of information dissemination.

University-wide Outreach

A&F Department Mass Email Request


The university’s mass email distribution system is designed to deliver critical and urgent messages to relevant FTE groups.  Requests for mass emails should be limited to essential messages that cannot be effectively distributed in other ways (see examples to the right).  This distribution method is reserved for one-time urgent and critical messages that are necessary to maintain safe and continuous business operations.

Administration and Finance Associate Vice Presidents and their designee(s) may request that a mass email be sent to the campus from Senior Vice President Hector or Vice President Shepherd using the form below.

Each UCF Vice President is responsible for regulating the process of mass email requests within their division. The form below is for Administration and Finance departments only.

If you aren’t sure who your division’s mass email contact is, please contact us at 407-823-2351 and we will be glad to assist you.

Before sending your request below, review appropriate use of the mass email system using the UCF University Policy 4-006: Broadcast Distribution of Electronic Mail.

Mass Email Request Form

Please Note:

Submitting this form does not guarantee a mass email distribution.  The vice president’s office will contact you if there are questions.  Administration and Finance’s mass email delegate can be reacted at or 407-823-2351.

If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation email notice with further instructions. If you do not receive the confirmation, please try your request again. 

  • This is the individual who is authorized by the department director and associate vice president to submit mass email requests on their behalf and is we will contact directly if we have questions or changes to this draft.
    Note: An understanding of approval may be in place in your area for regular or annual emails, provided your content does not change. Please coordinate this with your Director and ensure that all appropriate parties are aware of and approve mass emails being requested in their name. Please send this form only after you have approval to do so. Please send this form only after you have approval to do so.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Note: If your email is scheduled to send on Thursday, you will need to get it to us no later than close of business on Tuesday.
  • Contact Information to be included in the email

    Please include a contact number or email address, and if appropriate a website address, that will be included as the final paragraph of your email. The sentence will be: "For further information, contact [your contact information as provided below] or visit [your website as listed below]".
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



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