Mission Statement

The Division of Administration and Finance provides high-quality services and a safe and effective campus environment to support the university’s mission of education, research, and community service.

Diversity Statement

In the Division of Administration and Finance, we embrace our diversity and commit to keeping equity and inclusion at the forefront of our programs, policies, and initiatives to cultivate a flexible, collaborative work environment that leverages differing viewpoints and enables all individuals to contribute to their full potential.

Administration and Finance Division Team

Gerald Hector

Gerald Hector

Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance


Administration and Finance Leadership Team

Jon Varnell

Vice President for Facilities and Business Operations

jonathan.varnell@ucf.edu | 407-823-1522

Misty Shepherd

Senior Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs

misty.shepherd@ucf.edu | 407-823-2339

Maureen Binder

Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief HR Officer

maureen.binder@ucf.edu | 407-823-2771

Carl Metzger

Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police

carl.metzger@ucf.edu | 407-823-5242

Albert Francis

Assistant Vice President for Debt Management and University Treasurer

bert.francis@ucf.edu | 407-882-1075

Duane Siemen

Assistant Vice President for Facilities Operations

duane.siemen@ucf.edu | 407-823-0778

Kevin Sowers

Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services

kevin.sowers@ucf.edu | 407-823-2624

Donna DuBuc

Director, Administration and Finance Budget, Planning, and Accounting

donna.dubuc@ucf.edu | 407-823-4818

Senior Vice President’s Suite Support

Deborah Williams

Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance

deborah.williams@ucf.edu              407-823-2387

Danielle Sarris

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Facilities and Business Operations

danielle.sarris@ucf.edu                    407-823-1522

Carmen Jarquin

Administrative Coordinator

carmen.jarquin@ucf.edu                 407-823-2351

Traci Fisher

Executive Assistant

traci.fisher@ucf.edu                        407-823-3865



4365 Andromeda Loop N. Orlando, Florida 32816 | 407.823.2351

Web: admfin.ucf.edu | email: admfin@ucf.edu

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