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Direct Support Organizations (DSOs)

In accordance with Section 1004.28, Florida Statutes, and Florida Board of Governors Regulation 9.011, a Direct Support Organization (DSO) is an organization that is certified by the UCF Board of Trustees as operating in a manner consistent with the goals of the University and the best interest of the State.

UCF DSOs and related entities play a pivotal role in university operations, partnering to fundraise, support research, support athletic programs, support academic health sciences and other entities within integrated healthcare systems, provide essential facilities, and cultivate dynamic public-private collaborations. The operations of both UCF’s DSOs and its related entities are aligned with the university’s strategic research, education, and service missions.

Oversight of these operations is vested in the UCF Board of Trustees (BOT) and the Florida Board of Governors. University vice presidents are appointed to each DSO and related entity by the BOT, to oversee the functions of individual DSOs and its related entities. In this regard, the Administration & Finance SVP was appointed and serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the UCF Convocation Corporation, UCF Finance Corporation, and UCF Stadium Corporation. Additionally, UCF’s Treasurer is the appointed treasurer for the same DSOs (UCF Convocation, UCF Finance, and UCF Stadium Corporations).

Professional accounting support services for the UCF Athletics Association, UCF Convocation Corporation, UCF Finance Corporation, and UCF Stadium Corporation are provided by the Financial Affairs DSO Accounting and Financial Reporting Team. Please visit the Financial Affairs website for contact information in this regard.

For complete list of UCF DSOs and related entities, and  please visit the University Leadership website.