Procedure for Policy Development and Maintenance

Division of Administration and Finance



This procedure applies to all departments and areas that report to the Vice President for Administration and Finance and/or the Chief Financial Officer.

Division or Department Level Policies and Procedures

An associate vice president or director may create policies that apply only to individuals within their scope of leadership.

  • Internal policies posted on publicly accessible websites must clearly indicate that they are applicable only within the department(s).
  • Policies developed by directors and/or associate vice presidents must be vetted through the vice president’s office.

University policies should not be posted in full on any site other than

References to university policies on local sites are made by link to to ensure consistency and version control.


University Policy

Communicates required actions that apply to all, or a significant portion, of our campus community. Before presidential approval, a university policy is vetted through diverse university stakeholders to evaluate impact of new policy and eliminate conflict between university policies and departmental practices. All university policies are posted at

Initiating Authority

For the Division of Administration and Finance the Initiating Authority is the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Chief Financial Officer.

President’s Policy Committee

University level committee comprised of presidential appointees who represent different areas of campus. The committee is responsible for reviewing university policies prior to presidential signature and official posting.

Policy Development Committee

A group of university stakeholders working together to develop or update policy content. Chaired by the responsible authority or their designee.

Responsible Authority

Director level or above position operating on behalf of the Initiating Authority. This individual is responsible for researching, developing, and maintaining the policy as well as oversight for policy enforcement and support. The responsible authority may be the director of a department with the approval of the appropriate associate vice president.

Division Policy Manager

Tracks and coordinates policy development, revision, and approvals. Ensures compliance with university policy and provides policy status updates to the Vice President and Compliance and Ethics.

General Process for University Policy Development

1. The need for the development or update of a policy is determined and the associate vice president and vice president approve of investing resources to do so.

  • Development of a new policy is a commitment to invest continued resources in the maintenance of the policy once approved.
  • For new policies, the responsible authority downloads the template from
  • For edits to current policies, the responsible authority requests the editable version from Compliance, Ethics, and Risk (CE&R). Using track changes, reflect all updates to the version posted on the president’s website.

2. The responsible authority researches and authors the policy as well as chairing or delegating someone to chair a committee of stakeholders to review the proposed policy content or updates.

3. The responsible authority sends the draft to the division policy manager for approval in the vice president’s office.
The email should contain the names of the university stakeholders who reviewed and approved the proposed policy or updates as attached.

  • New policies: send a clean version (no track changes)
  • Policy updates: send track changes that clearly reflect the content updates. Remove comments (unless they directed to the VP office or CE&R) and accept formatting changes such as font, bold, indents, line spacing, etc.
    • If the changes to the policy are substantial, you can submit a clean copy and make a note in the submission that it is a new policy due to so many changes.
  • The division policy manager coordinates appropriate staff review in the Office of the Vice President for
    • content, scope, and impact;
    • stakeholders who have reviewed the policy (and may suggest additional vetting before moving forward);
    • compliance with template, formatting, grammar, etc.

4. The division policy manager routes the policy to Compliance, Ethics, and Risk.

5. CE&R route the policy through the General Counsel’s office.

6. CE&R posts the policy for two weeks for public comments. CE&R provides the comments to the responsible authority and the division policy manager.

7. CE&R schedules the policy for the next available committee meeting.

8. The committee reviews the policy in advance as well as the public comments received.

9. The responsible authority presents the policy or the policy changes to the policy committee.

10. Once approved the policy is routed to the initiating authority and to the university president for review and signature.

11. Once signed, CE&R posts the policy at

12. The responsible authority conducts an annual review due to the division policy manager.

13. The responsible authority conducts a five-year review, which begins at step one of this process.

Maintenance of Published Policies

Annual Reviews

Responsible Authorities review their policies annually for content and link accuracy. A statement of review is due to the division policy manager at the end of the fiscal year. On the first week in July, the division policy manager will submit a confirmation of annual reviews to the vice president and the office of Ethics, Compliance, and Risk.

Annual reviews do not need to go before the policy committee unless there are changes to the policy.

Five-Year Reviews

Every five years the initiating authority must provide an updated version of the policy to the president for policy committee review, which will include presidential signature and an updated posting to the president’s policy website.

The responsible authority conducts the review in accordance with the general policy development process and submits the revised document to the division policy manager.

Off-Cycle Reviews

The responsible authority initiates policy updates when needed. Reasons for updates may include changes to university processes; changes to laws or regulations; and addition of resources, links, or contacts.

For simple updates to URLs (no other changes but the location of a document, page, form, or other resource), send the policy number and name and the updated URL in an email to the division policy manager. No additional action is needed.



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